Increase Your Website Traffic and Sales in Just 4 steps | Digital Marketing Hacks 2020

In this video, we talk about the 4 growth digital marketing hacks to bring a large amount of traffic to your website. The first hack is to use growth marketing tricks to get to your target audience faster by running contest, placing pop-ups so that people leave their names and email addresses so that you can convert them into your customers. The second hack is that videos are being consumed like never before nowadays where streaming video services are used to leverage traffic will ensure that your website has more traffic. The third hack is get the right Influencer to promote your website and see a stamped of visitors This is easier said than done but if you strike the right chord with the right Influencer then you can be sure that you will make a huge impact in your website traffic. The fourth hack is to adopt a data driven strategy. Use data to analyze customer trends and direct your digital marketing strategy towards them. You should use more tools like Heap Analytics, Mixpanel and others to make the most of it